Mary-Ann Schuler’s Baby Sleep Miracle Review

Are you a sleep deprived new parent that is spending many sleepless nights because your baby wont sleep?

If you ask any new parent, what is the most challenging part of  being a new parent, the answer is almost always the same –> babys sleep

This is often the case because every couple goes through the same process, get ready for the baby by reading all the books, classes, sessions, etc.,

But when the baby is here…everything goes out of the window because they are sleep deprived and tired because of the fussy crying baby.

Most first time parents don’t have the experience or patience to remember everything during the first 3 years phase.

During that phase is when babies cause the most fuss and have sleep issues. With baby’s sleep issues come parents sleep issues aka the zombie mode. 

When Sauyer was 2 months old, me and my husband went through the same issues, we through we were prepared but it felt like I was back in college cranking out those late-night study sessions with no end in sight.

That’s where Baby Sleep Miracle program came into the picture, one of my friends who had used it had recommended me this program and I decided to try it.

Now down the road, when I started this blog I figured this would be the idea program to recommend to all the new parents when it comes to sleepless babies.

What Is The Baby Sleep Miracle?

Baby Sleep Miracle Review
Baby Sleep Miracle Review

If you’re reading about Baby Sleep Miracle then you’ve already come across different books and programs online.

But unlike most of the programs out there, baby sleep miracle is a program created by Mary-Ann Schuler.

Mary-Ann Schuler is pediatric psychology with 20 years of experience under her belt and also a mother of two.

As a parent, she fully understands the inadequacies new parents tend to experience, especially new mothers who associate their parenting skills to not able to calm their baby.

 This is the reason she started these techniques as a solution to all the first time parents, especially the mothers to fully understand their baby’s needs and sleep habits.

Here techniques are obtained from several studies and researches carried out at the Stanford Center for Sleep Science and Medicine and the Harvard Medical School.

She included all the techniques she has tried and tested into an ebook ( I know I know…ebooks are super boring to read but please don’t judge a book by its cover).

According to Mary-Ann Schuler, Baby Sleep Miracle is perfect for parents who are:

  • •             Loving, caring, but cool-headed
  • •             Action-oriented and able to follow through
  • •             Able to invest a short amount of time implementing this method
  • •             Sick and tired of constantly waking up at 2:00, 3:00, or 4:00 AM to put their baby to sleep

Within the guide, the author explains and presents, all in a simple and clear manner, the highly efficient methods and techniques that will help you and your baby avoid frustration throughout the day and lack of sleep during the night.

Her work had helped thousands of new parents, including myself. So without further delay lets jump into the details of the program.

Does Baby Sleep Miracle Work For Toddlers?

I mean “duh!”, if it didn’t work why would I recommend to people? All sarcasm aside I wanted to take this opportunity to discuss a little bit more detail on what the ebook entails.

Now before we go into details I do want to confess something, I personally don’t like to read ebooks and for the price, I thought there would be a video but its definitely a little bit of a drawback.

However, the content is what saved me from sleepless nights and zombie mode. So if you’re like me, I’d recommend you power through.

The baby sleep miracle ebook(pdf) is 110 pages and will take a while to read it “cover –to – cover”,however, the book is broken down in sub parts that will help implement the techniques right away.

Along with the baby sleep miracle ebook, there is an upsell for $5 that includes two more bonus ebooks that have useful new parent, new born information and newborns soothing music and noises.

 The main baby sleep miracle ebook pdf basically breaks down into these comprehensive topics:

  • The importance of napping for babies.
  • Why it’s important for babies to get adequate amounts of sleep.
  • Different stages of development and how they affect babies’ sleep.
  • Negative impacts associated with sleep deprivation.
  • How to prepare for sleep training.
  • Important techniques for sleep training your baby.
  • Positive impacts of routine.
  • Simple sleeping rules for babies.
  • Comprehensive sleep guidelines for babies up to the age of five.
  • Benefits of consistent child feeding.
  • Importance of safe surroundings to babies.

Normally, I would go on and on about how effective it was for my babies but here are some of the testimonials from other moms who have tried Mary-Anns baby sleep miracle.

Baby Sleep Miracle Review 1

Baby Sleep Miracle Review For Ebook(pdf)

Since we’ve already established the validity of the author and briefly about what the ebook contains, let’s do an in-depth baby sleep miracle review.

Like I mentioned above the baby sleep miracle ebook contains 100 pages but its divided into 4 main sub-chapters. Each chapter is broken down by specific age group of the child, so you can jump into the section you need and start implementing right away.

The chapters are as follow:

  • Chapter 1: The Dangers of Sleep Deprivation
  • Chapter 2: Understanding Sleep
  • Chapter 3: General Sleep Rules for Newborns and Infants
  • Chapter 4: Good Sleep at Every Age (there are some great sleep training methods in this)

Baby Sleep Miracle Review Chapter 1:

The initial chapter starts with explaining the dangers of sleep deprivation. If you are a new parent then you will quickly recognize most of the dangers of sleep deprivation talked about in the chapter.

The causes and effects of sleep deprivation are discussed in-depth, as they can lead to frustration, stress, depression, anger, marriage problems, and even divorce.

It can also lead to serious physical changes such as weight loss or gain, high blood pressure, breathing issues, and hair loss.

Not to mention the mental stress and hopelessness, It can make you hate yourself. In short, it can make you pretty miserable.

Mary-Ann Schuler explains sleep deprivation nicely and weaves in her experiences in this chapter.

She shows how sleep deprivation can strain the mother’s relationship with her newborn child and with her partner. She also explains how sleep deprivation can cause a nervous breakdown.

The purpose of this chapter is to address the severity of sleep deprivation among new parents, especially mothers.  How to resolve the issue quickly and take actions so that you can get you to sleep schedule back on track. So you and your partner can enjoy living your new life as parents.

Baby Sleep Miracle Review Chapter 2:

In chapter 2, Schuler goes a bit deeper into the science behind sleep for not only for babies but also for adults. She explains the sleep cycles associated with human beings and hot it’s important to properly utilize them in order to get the best-rested sleep.

This chapter builds the foundation on sleep and how her techniques are going to be incorporated in the next 2 chapters.

This might sound like a boring part of the book, but you need to pay clear attention in section. If not you will be going back and forth while implementing her techniques and tips.

Baby Sleep Miracle Review Chapter 3:

In chapter 3, Schuler focuses on providing the correct physical attribute and setup for proper sleep.

She explains some of the misconceptions and myths about how babies sleep. From creating sleep schedules to soothing techniques, feeding routines, and creating a sleep-friendly environment.

This chapter and next were personally game changers for me until we had our first born it was just about décor, comfy sheets, baby cam and cellphones by either side of the bed till one of us passes out.

After implementing the smallest of the changes and paying more attention to the details, we saw that our baby was sleeping more peacefully throughout the night and we were able to sleep better as well.

Baby Sleep Miracle Review Chapter 4:

In chapter 4, this where all of the parts come together and make sense. Schuler explains her technique in detail and gives you a set of guidelines to following though to implement them.

The details go into various tips and tricks that will help you put your child to sleep, create a sleep habit and maintain said habits from new born till 5 years old.

Once we had the environment setup the right way, we implemented these habits and tips to our new born. With in few days out our fussy baby was sleeping all night and most importantly, we established a routine that gave us our sanity back.

This is one of the main reasons I decided to recommend this program to everyone because it changed our life and to this day we still implement these habits with our 4-year-old and 1-year-old.

Baby Sleep Miracle Review Noise/Sounds

I wanted to take a moment to discuss the baby sleep miracle review sounds, as they were part of the upsell.  These really helped as well, because these are not part of the original baby sleep miracle ebook most people won’t know about it.

I would recommend picking them up as well.

Is Baby Sleep Miracle Total Scam Or Legit?

The age-old question to know if online product works or not?

Well if you skipped through the whole baby sleep miracle review then let me give you the skinny.

Yes, it’s legit and it works.

There are quite a few programs, techniques, and books that teach you their version of the solution that every sleepless new parent is trying to decode. How to make my baby sleep? Well, these techniques by Mary-Ann Schler worked for me and my family, hence my suggestion.

Along with that, the programs are offered in various languages:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • German

But like any online programs, hear the testimonials from another mom

Baby Sleep Miracle Testimonial 2

Baby Sleep Miracle Refund

If you’re still not satisfied, you can always ask for a refund. Baby Sleep Miracle Review offers a 60-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the program.

This should give you peace of mind while buying this product. As a matter of fact, if you buy through our link you will receive the product at $37 rather than the $100 usual price.

Baby Sleep Miracle Review Summary

I would definitely recommend baby sleep miracle review to any of my friends!

Long, restful sleep for you and your baby. What’s not to like?

Developing normal, healthy sleep habits will contribute massively to your child’s physical, emotional, and intellectual development, planting the seeds of achievement for any future challenge.

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